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Model Name: BLUENOSE 1921

Price: Contact Us
On March 26, 1921, Bluenose was launched at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia as a racing ship. In 1995, Bluenose, with its captain, Angus Walters, were inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, making Bluenose the first and only non-human CSHF inductee until 1960. Another honor was received by the Bluenose when a new Canadian National Railways passenger-vehicle ferry for the inaugural Yarmouth-Bar Harbor service was launched as the M/V Bluenose.

In the 1930s, Bluenose reinvented itself as a showboat, and its fame was fairly visible. Bluenose was also available for public cruises and other advertising opportunities. But after 1938, Bluenose was sold out-of-country and became a tramp schooner in the Caribbean. In 1946, Bluenose was wrecked off Haiti but it was never forgotten.

Bluenose was portrayed on the 1929 Canadian Bluenose postage stamp as well as two other stamps issued in 1982 and 1999. Bluenose also appeared on the current Nova Scotia license plate. The Canadian dime with a depiction of a generic schooner has been perceived as the Bluenose for years. In 2002, the government of Canada declared the depiction on the dime to be the Bluenose.

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